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Training Files are on Adobe Flash for Simulated Server
So Please take DEMO Before Buying

SAP Online Training

About SAP FICO Online Training Project from CyberGM. This eTrainer Software Combines Trainer,Step by Step Material,Once Full Cycle Mock Project and SAP Server. All You can Finish in 21 Days.
Server is Integrated to Practice Configuration along with step by step Instructions. This is not PDF or Video. You can Practice on this Server. No need to spend for another Server. Certification Preparation and Interview Preparation is included.Flash Player is required to view Training Files.

About TABLET/IPAD Users Please Note:Our FICO Training Materials are on Adobe Shockwave Flash (SWF) files can only be played in a flash compatible web browser. For Tablet, Please Download 1.Adobe Flash Player and 2.Mozilla Firefox for android. For IPAD Please use Puffin browser. Please Try Free Session.

Three Phases to take you from Base level to 2 Years of Experience Level.
Phase 1: This Phase is aimed at getting a clear Picture of Stages behind SAP FICO Configuration in a Simple and Easy way Here we will cover all elements of Configuration.
Phase 2 : Here we will discuss Accounting Logics and System Logics behind SAP FICO Configuration. Here we will try to answer reason behind each step.

Phase 3: We will go through other areas which is not directly Involved with FICO but required for Interview. Includes technical Details like ASAP Methodology, LandScape, Transport, Basic ABAPs, Interview Preparation / Certification Model etc.

About eTrainer Provides platform to attend SAP Online certification Practice Exam any no. of times.
100'of Scenario Based Questions.
Our Test System simulates actual SAP certification exam environment with randomized questions and multiple choice answers. Our Model Test System coverd all possible questions can be asked from each topic in syllabus.
To get familiar with our FI Certification practice exam, We invite you to try our demo Practice exam ..

Why SAP Certification?
Required because SAP Ccertifications are globally recognized – and demonstrate that you have honed your skills through rigorous study and hands-on experience in your chosen field. Being certified will definitely give you a clear return on your investment in terms of career development.

CyberGM - SAP Training Made Easy, Affordable and Simple
We have developed Training Project to Teach SAP FICO Online. This Training Project is to help SAP Consultants and SAP Users to learn and improve your Skills. We have incorporated all possible stages of SAP FICO Implementation in the simplest and most affordable way. This training is directly from internet. You can access the courses from anywhere; all you need is internet connection and PC/Laptop. Please check the Free Session. Our extensive SAP training Project is designed to give you usable knowledge quickly and efficiently and has the below additional features:.
  • All lessons include interactive, simulated SAP sessions - just like you are logged into an SAP system.
  • You can access the system any time 24/7.
  • The lessons will explain each transaction and which requires you to interact with the screen, thus gaining hands-on experience
  • Each student is monitored by experienced consultant.
  • You can repeat the chapters any no times you want.
There are many institutes and free online materials that are available today. But in order to achieve the DESIRED RESULT, and to ensure a PEACEFUL and EFFECTIVE learning experience, the choice of the best and reliable solution is critical.

So, if you attend the class after trying our training system, you will be in a much better position to understand FICO. Remember, almost all institutes guarantees placement, but the truth is that they will only arrange for 3 or 4 interview calls, and they will ensure the placement for only the best candidates in the class - may be 1 out of 10. Their choice of candidate will be based on your performance, SAP knowledge etc. So be smart before joining any system. Be ready and prepared before putting money and time; try our system to do the job for you!

This is our Guarantee- This is a SINCERE effort to get the desired result with the most simple, cost effective and enjoyable experience! Below is an overview of what we provide: One full configuration covering all steps involving SAP FICO Configuration. It is aimed at providing a clear idea of all stages involved in configuration. Interview preparation questions are shared after each class. So, after finishing one full configuration you can start marketing your resume. Sample Resumes and Placement Strategies are incorporated at the last session. If you interested to join any class, before joining any class we would strongly recommend everyone to finish one full configuration. Because, you will get a clear idea of the different elements of configuration, end user document entry screens and user reports. This will enable you to get the best out of the class.

SAP FICO Stands for FI (Financial Accounting) and CO (Controlling). SAP FICO is the important module of ERP and both FI and CO modules stores the financial transactions data. SAP FICO training materials teaches you in a easy method with screen shots step by step.

SAP FICO is the Finance and Cost controlling module in SAP ERP where FI stands for Financial Accounting and CO stands for Controlling. SAP FICO module is very robust and covers almost all business process encountered in various industries. It is one of the very important and widely implemented modules in SAP. This FREE sap fico Online training course is designed for beginners as well as for intermediate learners.

SAP FI is a module used for reporting both externally and internally. The objective is to record all financial transactions that are posted by an entity and produce financial statements which are accurate at the end of the trading period. This tutorial is going to explain the major functionalities with SAP FI module.

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Improving your exam technique could be the difference between a pass and a fail, so it’s important to spend some time thinking about what you are or aren’t doing correctly.
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Steps to SAP FICO Career

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1St Stage - Finish Training Cycle 3 Times. This will Build System Logic and Project Experience.
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2nd Stage.Finish Interview Preparation All Chapters. This will help to increase confidance and knowledge to face interview.

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3rd Stage - Finish all Certification Test. This will Deepen your knowledge and understanding.This will help in interviews, and Cetrification Preparation.
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4th Stage-Learn Error Handling Session to make you an experienced consultunt to crack interview. Your Biggest Dreams Come True . Allso this will help in on Job Support.

Who Should Use Our SAP Training System

Anyone who needs to learn SAP quickly and easily.
Individuals wanting to start their SAP career.
Accountants, Accounts Clerks, Administrators.
Office Managers and Students.
IT Consultants converting to SAP .
Managers wanting to get an overview of SAP.
Project managers wanting to fast track their project.
Project teams requiring pre-prepared user training.

If you are looking for any online step by step material, consider these aspects:

1.Expensive Server Access. 2.You would not go beyond two chapters, because no online material can control the server response and the very minute configuration elements required to progress beyond that. 3.SAP FICO is a very complex system routed based on accounts.No Online Material is trying to logically integrate Accounts In the Material

If you plan to attend a class, consider the below aspects:

1.You will learn only what you are told. 2.You are absolutely depending on the knowledge, SINCERITY and teaching experience of the instructor. 3.It will be very difficult for your brain to map anything more than 2 hrs. You will be taken through different screens with different configuration elements one by one. After every 2 hrs, you will have to repeat what you have learned if you really have to learn.

Now consider our solution which will

Guide you from the Base Level to Expert Level.
Designed just to learn this complex system in the simplest manner based on the Client requirements (No online material or Class is doing this approach)

Training Key Facts

State of the art system to track the progress.
Do the configuration any no. of times. 24/7
Most Affordable system to Learn SAP.
Learn from anywhere, home, office, etc...
Interactive, simulated SAP sessions
Just like you are logged into an SAP system
You will feel as if working with live server!!!
Interview questions after each class
No Prior Experience required
No Accounting knowledge required
Accounting is incorporated in the course

Why eTrainer

eTrainer -The Smartest Training Project developed by cour Team to Teach SAP FICO Online.
Learning SAP FICO Online has never been so easy and affordable.
You're probably interested in learning SAP to improve your career prospects to fulfill your dreams.
It is well known that people with SAP skills are in demand and are the highest paid in the Information Technology and Finance industries.
Learning SAP is not easy. It is a large and complex system and can take a long time to master.
To get a job in SAP you should gain confidence in SAP at Expert level and you need proper and systematic training for that. The most successful companies in the world recognize the importance of proper SAP training.
Take LIVE Test any no. of times
Compare Results Immediately after Exam
Unlimited Access to all Our Exams.
100's of Scenario Based Certification questions.
Latest Technology with the Latest Servers.
We are Adding New Questions Freequently
We are Updating All Possible Scenarios
We are in the industry for 10 Years.
Our System simulates Actua lCertification Exam
Try All our Exam to Guarantee the Result..
Our System will help to Manage Time...
Our System will guide for Exam Logic and strategies


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